Swedish massage – the powerful booster of male wellbeing

Swedish massage – the powerful booster of male wellbeing

Swedish massage is a health-improving manual therapy based on a series of effective motions intended to improve blood circulation, ease muscle tension, restore the performance of the musculoskeletal system, and enhance the joints’ flexibility. Swedishmassageis often carried out by an m4m massagetherapist because the procedure involves the application of firm pressure to elaborate deeper muscles – the thing which only powerful male hands can do. Along with reducing physical and emotional distress, Swedish gay massage is extremely beneficial for the skin, as well, as the treatment helps the body to get rid of accumulated metabolic wastes such as lactic acid and uric acid through the intensified blood flow and better oxygen supply to the muscles, tissues, and organs. 

History of Swedish massage in brief

Swedish massage appeared in the 19th century. Heinrich Ling, a doctor of medical sciences of Swedish origin is considered to invent this technique. Trying to create the most effective manual therapy, Ling thoroughly studied the most popular massage modalities from different countries. Taking the best aspects from every massage style, he finally developed his own health-boosting system, which has been proving its effectiveness for more than 200 years already. Numerous studies showed that regular Swedish massage performed by a physically strong m4m masseur increases the concentration of blood lymphocytes, thus, strengthening the immunity and empowering the organism to better resist the negative impact of harsh environment. 

Wondrous benefits of Swedish massage

Swedish gay male massage has an integrated therapeutic effect on the entire body. This tactile therapy helps to unwind after a stressful day; it relieves fatigue, promotes muscle elasticity, restores physical and mental strength, reduces swelling, accelerates wound healing, as well as improves the flexibility and elasticity of joints.

Moreover, Swedish male massage positively affects post-surgery adhesions and helps to make scars less visible. Sessions of Swedish man4man massage are efficacious in combating excess weight – the main secret behind the massage’s extreme popularity. The weight reduction effect is achieved through the improvement of the lymphatic drainage, normalization of metabolic processes and, most importantly, through lowering the level of cortisol, a notorious stress hormone that compromises the performance of the cardiac muscle with all negative consequences imaginable.

Swedish massage technique 


Effleurage or stroking involves light touches of the hands of a man4man massage therapist, which prepares the body for further (more stringent) manipulations. Also, strokes help to relax and speed up the blood flow. During the stroking stage, the gaymassage therapist determines which parts of the client’s body require heightened attention, as well as which muscle groups need greater physical impact.


Petrissage orkneading involves painless, sweeping and rolling motions that affect tense and tired muscles. Such maneuvers also activate lymph drainage and warm muscle fibers.


Friction or rubbing revolves around intense and deep circular motions delivered by the therapist’s palms. Friction is the key element of a Swedish massage. It is exactly the frictions that remove adhesions, scars, and knots. 


Percussionis based on shock motions, precisely flaps and pats that also strongly impact the muscles. Though the percussion stage is quite tough, a client does not experience painful sensations, because the muscles have already been warmed up. The motions are made with hand edges and fists.


Vibrations, in turn, have a stimulating effect on the muscles. These motions are performed with palms often involving the arms and even legs. 

Though m4m Swedish massage is intense, movements here are very careful and unhurried. At the end of the session, m4m masseurs recommend drinking plenty of clean still water because water has a positive effect on muscle elasticity. 

The competence and experience of the male massage therapist play a key role in the effectiveness of Swedish massage. Such as, the practitioner must not only detect the most vulnerable spots on the client’s body but also find the trigger zones and work with them highly accurately because a single wrong movement can cause severely painful sensations. A genuine m4m masseur will never allow this to happen but deal with the trigger zones very gently to achieve the maximum healing effect of a Swedish massage.

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