Shiatsu Massage – the custodian of your health and beauty

Shiatsu Massage – the custodian of your health and beauty

Shiatsu massage stems from a Japanese massage modality known as anma and is considered one of the oldest methods of manual bodywork in oriental medicine. The term “Shiatsu” is translated as the “finger pressure” from the Japanese language, and this tactile therapy is a great substitution to needle-based acupuncture. 

During the session, an m4m masseur affects the biologically active points involving his wrists, finger-pads, palms, and feet, traditionally without any other instruments or oils. Through the tactile exposure to the human skin with well-measured pressing motions, it is possible to correct the malfunction of internal organs, treat certain diseases, and improve overall health. Before the procedure begins, the Shiatsu male massage practitioner needs to examine the patient’s condition using palpation and taking their pulse.

The essence of Shiatsu massage

The philosophy of Shiatsu massage is based on the concept that each person is filled with vital energy (also called “chi”) that supports the human’s psychophysical and emotional state as surely as ensures restoration of the body strengths, and facilitates healing processes. 

This energy circulates along certain meridians located on both sides of the human body. The whole body presents a holistic and interrelated structure, while the flow of life energy maintains a balance between all systems of the human body. 

If vital energy moves freely along all meridians, then a person is healthy and happy; but if any meridian is blocked, then the organ associated with this very meridian begins to experience either a lack or an excess of energy. Shiatsu gaymassage is meant to remove the blockages from meridians and regain equilibrium in the whole organism.

The technique of Shiatsu man4man massage

When performing Shiatsu gay male massage, pressure on biologically active points should be mild, caring, and gentle with motions gliding between the targeted points in a rhythmic sequence. During the bodywork, the fingers of a male massage specialist are placed vertically to the massaged area. Each point is generally pressed for up to eight seconds. Comprehensive Shiatsu gay massage is quite long and lasts nearly an hour or even longer depending on the client’s health condition and specific needs. 

Shiatsu m4m massage has a beneficial effect on the human nervous system: such therapy lessens stress, alleviates fatigue, enhances circulation, and soothes pain. This bodywork is widely recognized as a proven way to prevent and manage anxieties, panic attacks, migraines, sleep impairment, neuroses, and mood disorders. Shiatsu gay massage can also address arthritis, aches in the back, neck, and shoulders, gastrointestinal issues as well as muscle and joint problems and sciatica. Shiatsu is also believed to increase energy, promote recovery from injuries, and improve skin health.

Shiatsu contraindications 

While Shiatsu generally does not have absolute contraindications and causes no side effects when performed by a well-trained and experienced m4m massage practitioner, it is advisable to consult a physician before receiving the treatment in a case of:

  • Recent chemotherapy, radiation or surgery
  • Heart-related issues
  • Osteoporosis
  • Blood diseases 
  • Skin inflammations or diseases
  • Unhealed wounds
  • Fractures
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